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University Physician Associate physicians provide the multi-specialty medical group faculty for the University of Missouri-Kansas City School of Medicine. Staff doctors of this group practice contribute to the medical school's undergraduate curriculum and its residency and fellowship programs. Physicians conduct most of their teaching of students and residents at Truman Medical Centers. University Physician Associates has over 250 physicians on staff representing many different specialties. Administrative staff manages and directs the compensation and benefit programs and generates physician fee billings. The administrative staff also monitors healthcare legislation and analyzes its impact for the faculty group practice. University Physician Associates is organized for the following medical, charitable, scientific and educational purposes:

  • To provide for the medically indigent and other individuals who are in need of health care;
  • To promote, conduct and administer programs in mental health, maternal and infant care, family planning, communicable disease control, community health, accident prevention, rehabilitation, home care and other areas affecting health;
  • To teach, instruct, promote and encourage disciplines involving any of the above by use of training, research and educational programs, courses of instruction and any other means;
  • To employ, maintain and retain physicians, surgeons, dentists, osteopathic physicians and surgeons, and other educators and support personnel as staff for hospitals and other healthcare facilities, as faculty for medical and dental schools and for related activities; and
  • To do and perform any other activity which promotes physical and mental health and to support and conduct any and all activities connected with the operation of hospitals, other healthcare facilities, and educational institutions and any charitable, scientific or educational activities in any manner related thereto.